(my English is VERY VERY VEEEEERY poor! don`t care about this, please.)

now i`m in Granada.

the hotel has 3 computer for free!
althought they don`t work very well, i still try many times to use it.

Saturday, we were in Valuncia.
we all want to believe that it is a beautiful city, but the city really scared us.
maybe it`s only because the reagin we stayed WAS awful, but we think it IS awful.

Sunday, we wene to Alicante in the morning, because Valuncia IS not a good city for us.
It`s a very good choice for us to run away from Valuncia.
Alicante is a nice place.
we found a very good hotel and it is cheap, too.
We relaxed and went around.
the sea is beautiful!
there are many people, especially couples. XD


the computer can`t work well now.

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